• The R3volution starts with you.

  • We are making it easy for ANYONE to participate in the crypto market by offering a 100% backed token tied to the most promising coins and tokens.


    Imagine if you could go back in time and get into the stock market when it only had a 1% customer adoption and be able to get into the best stocks? The ones that will eventually grow into multi-billion dollar companies? Well, as the adage goes history repeats itself and what took the stock market 100 yrs will take 10 yrs on the blockchain.

    We Remove the Difficulty and Pain

    Getting into hot ico's, potentially high performing coins and tokens is not easy because there are 1000s launching every month and by 2025 probably 99% will be gone. That's why we use AI to sort thru the noise, to see trends before they happen. It allows us to stay ahead of the market and make great pick for our portfolio.

  • Roadmap



    Launch Foundups DApp. 1000 users will be invited to test the DApp each will be able to invite 6 friends. Goal: 10m in UP$ deposits. 1 UP$ ~ 0.001 ETH



    Pre-ICO. We will add VISA withdraw and other functionality so users can directly cash their UP$ with their Foundups Card. Goal: 100m in UP$ deposits




    IC0. Anyone will be able to get the DApp. Launch of the Foundups Ecosystem and Foundups Blockchain Global Japan event. Goal: 1BN in UP$ Deposits

  • Foundups Fund Decentralized Application (DApp)

    A safe place to store your UP$ - In the decentralized DApp with a digital wallet you can use safely buy and sell UP$ tokens, which represent all the tokens in the Foundups Fund. You can execute at all time, cause the fund is 100% backed by its underlying assets.


    Some Features:

    • Privacy Key Encryption 
    • Uses 2 factor Authentication
    • Secure connects to Coinbase and other APIs
    • Easy secure exchange of UP$ to ETH
  • DANO

    DANO is nonprofit smart DAO with some key differences: Every person holding UP$ gets one vote. DANO returns all 100% profits back to the Smart DAO and allocating 15% for developing the new foundups ecosystem.

    UP$ Token

    A Smart Token that is 100% backed by the best most promising Tokens and Coins on the blockchain. The token is managed by the Noodle. UP$ will be the token for the foundups ecosystem for launching and developing foundups.

    The Noodle

    The Noodle oversees our Crypto-Fund and is the "!ntelligence" in our Smart DAOTM technology. The Noodle is here to help everyday people like you to buy coins & tokens automatically, without hassle or pain.

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    In 2006, 2 years after moving to rural Japan, I started working on the idea of decentralized...

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