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  • Social Capitalism Launches at Devcon5

    Foundups is the "Why" of the blockchain - to usher in Social Capitalism -
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    BlockFest 2020 Japan's "Burning It" Event for celebrating Socapism driven by Open Benefit AI and Proof of Benefit

  • Why, What, How?

    The simple fact is our planet is in crisis. The only way to save it is by changing the underlying business model driving it.


    Social Capitalism


    Every crisis on our planet, barring pandemics and natural disasters, can be linked to our inherently flawed business model driven by CAGR (Proof of Return On Investment), also called "Proof of Work" or "Stake" on the Blockchain. By replacing it with CABR (Proof of Benefit) we can change everything! The purpose of Blockchain is to replace CAGR with CABR, to usher in Social Capitalism or Capitalism 2.0.

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    The blockchain was invented in 1991 and was used to usher in Bitcoin in 2009 and the Open innovation Framework (O!F 1.0) in 2014 as Ethereum.



    Social Capitalism driven by AI will arise from Decentralized Autonomous Nonprofit Organizations (DANOs). These selfless organizations are built on Proof of Benefit (Compounded Annual Benefit Rate) and will replace all existing corporate vehicles that were launched as startups via CAGR.

    DANOs driven and managed by OBAI form a beneficial Keiretsu for designing Social Capitalism. Social capitalism is not Socialism or Communism, but rather Decentralized Capitalism built on the blockchain. 100% of its net profits return to the blockchain for launching more foundups.



    Foundups are open (anyone can join), decentralized (they happen anywhere), autonomous (self driving by OBAI) selfless startups on the blockchain valuated by CABR or Proof of Benefit.


    Via the 2020 Foundups Ecosystem they will level-up and become DANOs.

    foundups level up and become DANOs, which then reinvest 100% of their net profits on their own into launching more foundups.

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