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  • Why, What, and How?

    Our planet is in crisis. The only way to save it is by changing the underlying flawed 15th-century business model driving it. Foundup does this by introducing a new business model built on a tokenized world called foundups.

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    Capitalism 1.0

    Every crisis facing our planet from climate change, deforestation, and the collapse of fisheries to dead zones, and pollution of our oceans can be linked to our inherently flawed, 15th-century business model (capitalism 1.0). It treats our planet as an infinite object by demanding perpetual growth.

    Ideas become corporations that fund Wall Street and corrupt our politics with special interest groups creating the Wealth and Power Cycle. Unless we change our business model we risk losing everything. The modern blockchain was envisioned by UnDaoDu and engineered by a 19-year-old to allow us to explore new modern business model alternatives.


    The blockchain was invented in the 1980s and was used to usher in Bitcoin in 2009 and UnDaoDu's Open !nnovation Framework was used as the underlying inspiration to launch Ethereum in 2014.

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    Open !nnovation Framework

    Placed in the Creative Commons April 11, 2012, as Attribution- NonCommercial-NoDervis 2.1 Japan License and used to create Bitclout.

    Because of the blockchain, we can now Imagine a world of tokenized decentralized, AI-managed beneficial DAOs owned by their stakeholders -- their consumers, collaborators, and creators. Whose valuation is driven by measuring their intangible benefits on our planet, its living systems, and in sharing with others by funding UBI, free education services, and free healthcare for all.

    Welcome to the socially beneficial Capitalism 3.0 paradigm. A new 21st-century business model managed by AI-managed smartDAOs will arise from a global network of Decentralized Autonomous Entities that re-invest up to 100% of their net profits back into the blockchains for launching and supporting more foundups.

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    Foundups MemeCoin Framework

    A webApp that launches 1000s of meme coins that become Bitcoin-backed foundups. A "Foundup" is a founder with a meme that aims to solve a problem. We are launching our first foundup #GEOZECOIN at the bitcoin halving 19.4.2024.

    Imagine anyone can tokenize problems by simply launching that problem as a meme. foundups meme coins will be backed by Bitcoin. Scare and finite. Foundups -- open memes coins that evolve into ubiquitous decentralized startups on any blockchain that level up and become DAEs that launch and fund more foundups that become DAEs replacing the selfish corporation and ending cronyism capitalism of the 1% with Socially Beneficial Capitalism for the 99%.


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    #5 Vit-Tal Gifted Dressmaker

    Devcon5 Shanghai 2019

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    UnDaoDu with his Gifted Dressmaker

    Devcon2 Shanghai 2016

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    #13 Hovering Bitcoin and ephemeral Satoshi

    Devcon2 Shanghai 2016