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    Foundups launched in 2009

    Blockchain + DANOs = Social Capitalism

    Socapism is the WHY of the blockchain. DANOs is the HOW and foundups the WHAT

    Social Capitalism Experiment with Brock Pierce?

    Trout wants to launch foundups in Puerto Rico

    What you think of as "The Blockchain" is in fact Open Innovation Framework built on it.

    Feb 2012 Video explaining an outcome of O!F

    After sharing O!F with Ethereum Founders

    June 2013 Trout on Foundups

    Story of UnDaoDu

    The Untold story 

    OBAI - Open Benefitical AI for All

    OBAI obeys us! Not them. Imagine a AI bodyguard for securing our personal data from attacks, determining CABR and more!

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